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Each of our products is the result of both extensive research and detailed consultation with our customers. This enables us to create ground breaking solutions focused on the actual needs of the people who will use them. And because we control every step of the process, from research to product development to packaging and distribution, we can guarantee that every DEM4 products meets the highest possible specification.

300x300 kosmetika

Vision Skincare: Everlasting youth

300x300 cardio drive

Super product, merging two different forms of ingredients in two capsules, can achieve what one couldn’t – ultimate heart health aid. An extremely strong and potent product with maximum bioavailability and effectiveness.

300x300 mind

MIND is a great choice to control your anxiety. It helps dealing with anxiety symptoms directly and brings some peace to your stressful day, especially before night. Also this Bio-drink helps fighting stress and has an overall beneficial effect on your nervous system.

300x300 pure

PURE is an extremely effective body cleansing beverage. By improving liver function and bile secretion, it indirectly enhances organ cleansing performance. This Bio-drink eliminates toxins from the blood through the kidneys, restores metabolism and intestinal functions and is essential for purifying body cells.

300x300 life

LIFE is an uplifting energy drink, created to naturally energise the body and focus the mind. It helps feel lively, improve mental alertness and enhance productivity. This Bio-drink raises cardiovascular endurance and improves oxygen supply to the blood. It doesn’t cause dependency unlike energy drinks and is safe for people with high blood pressure.

300x300 charm

Chocolight Charm is great for healthy skin, bones, teeth, nails, and hair. Vitamins help slowing down aging processes and act as antioxidants, micronutrients ensure proper muscle functioning and participate in the cell division processes.

300x300 think

Chocolight Think promotes brain and nervous system functions. Vitamins supply brain with vital nutrients, amino acids help brain and nervous system development and recovery, and plant extracts may improve your memory.

300x300 love

Chocolight Love is designed for cardiovascular health and our blood vessels. Vitamin B12 helps cell development when transporting oxygen, natural plant extracts reduce cholesterol deposits in blood vessels, and micronutrients maintain normal blood pressure and act as antioxidants.


Bio-In. Probiotics Just Got Smart.


Designed to combat parasites in the digestive tract, this highly-effective food supplement combines a range of natural ingredients. It also works to remove toxins and improve intestinal motility.


This balanced formula of 10 powerful antioxidants has been created to rejuvenate the skin and revitalise the whole body. The antioxidants work in a unique cascade action to maximise their effectiveness.

easy lax 300x3002

Our new and exclusive EasyLAX formula contains 7 unique plant ingredients with a gentle laxative effect. Not only does EasyLAX normalize the intestinal functions, but also improves the metabolism and helps detoxify the body naturally.


This unique formula has been specifically created from a natural venotonic to ensure that a broad spectrum of effects are delivered to the venous system which address all of the major causes of venous insufficiency.


This product is dedicated to helping restore the immune system at all levels. By first promoting the formation of new cells, and then saturating these cells with nutrients which prolong their life, the product is able to reset your immune system.


Created to improve bone density, Osteosanum not only contains the optimum amount of calcium and vitamin D3 commonly found in traditional Osteoporosis prevention treatments, but it also contains the revolutionary vitamin k2 which delivers the calcium directly into bone tissue.

d4x Get Young 300x300

Get Young is an effective way to race with time. It consists of nutrients, plant extracts and targeted formulas that provide diverse strategies to reduce aging. Get Young prevents age related diseases and increases life expectancy, cell regeneration, and overall well-being.

d4x Get Smart 300x300

Get Smart is a great method to boost the capabilities of your mind. It supports cognitive function and can be used by those who desire to protect and help improve their ability to remember and learn. Get Smart helps to relieve stress, enhance your mood, energise you, and increase concentration.

d4x Get Activ 300x300

Get Active gives yourself a boost whenever and wherever you need it. It provides your body the optimum balance of ingredients to stay healthy and replenish your energy. Get Active is a safe, effective foundation to live healthy, train smart and compete at your best.

d4x Get Detox 300x300

Get Detox is a powerful aid to restore balance to your physiology. It can help you jump start the cleansing process and maintain healthy bodily functions. Get Detox "tunes-up" our detoxification organs and provides us with natural energy, strength, vitality, and health.